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Denton, Texas

Therapy Pals of Golden Triangle 

An AKC recognized Therapy Dog Organization.


It is widely recognized that pets can be good for our health and well-being. Interacting with animals can lower blood pressure, reduce stress or anxiety, and assist in achieving physical, emotional, and cognitive goals. Therapy Pals of GTDOG, created and organized by Harriet Tunnell, provides pet therapy and animal-assisted therapy services for many establishments in and around Denton County. Our Therapy Pals teams visit the Denton County Juvenile Detention Center, nursing homes, assisted living centers, and behavioral health hospitals, as well as participate in events such as the Special Olympics.

To become a certified member of Therapy Pals, a dog and handler team must demonstrate basic obedience skills, attend our therapy class, pass a temperament test, and pass the final certification test.

Our therapy class introduces dogs and handlers to the special skills needed to participate in pet therapy and animal-assisted therapy, along with the added distractions of the sights and sounds of wheelchairs, walkers, and therapy equipment that the team may encounter on their visits. The class also teaches guidelines and proper etiquette for participating in pet therapy and animal-assisted therapy. Our goal is to treat each person with respect, kindness, and dignity as they experience the companionship and special understanding of a trained therapy dog.

If you are interested in serving our community as a member of Therapy Pals, please contact Harriet Tunnell for additional information at 940-382-1936.