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Registration and Class Guidelines

Class Registration
What to Bring to Class
Class Guidelines
Inclement Weather


Class Registration

Weekly classes are held on Tuesday evenings in a climate-controlled building at the North Texas State Fairground in Denton.

To ensure high quality training, classes are limited in number and advanced registration is required. Please email the Registrar, Elaine Diver, at to reserve your place in our next class. Reservations are required at least two weeks prior to the class starting date. Contact Ms. Diver to inquire if there is a vacancy or to register for the next class.

The Class Information page list descriptions and scheduled start dates and times of our classes.

Please print and complete this Registration Form. Mail the completed registration form, a copy of your dog's current shot record, and a check for $80 made out to GTDOG to:

P.O. Box 51168
Denton, TX 76205

What to Bring to Class

Collar and Leash - Your dog should have a properly fitting collar or harness. Leashes should be six feet long and made of either leather or nylon. Flexi-leashes and chain leashes are not acceptable. If you are not sure you have the proper equipment you may consult our training director on your first day of class.

Treats - Our classes use food rewards to reinforce correct behaviors. Please bring tasty treats that your dog enjoys cut into small pieces for training.

Don’t feed your dog before class time. Your dog will work better if he doesn’t have a full stomach. He will get training treats to tide him over until he has his dinner at home.

Water Bowl - Please bring a water bowl so your dog may have a drink during breaks.

Copy of your dogs vaccination record - For your first day of class during registration.

Class Guidelines

Dog's Age - Minimum age for attending classes is 4 months for puppy kindergarten or 6 months for all other classes with proof of current vaccinations.

Trainer's Age - Trainers should be at least 16 years of age and able to control the dog effectively. Well behaved children are welcome come and watch, but bring a chair for them so they can sit while they observe the class.

Courtesy - Don’t let your dog invade another dog’s personal space. When your dog is in class, she should be paying attention to you, not playing with other dogs. This is not only basic obedience school courtesy, but it is also important for safety. Every dog should have three feet in front, behind, and on either side of her. You should be aware of your dog and where she is at all times.

Inclement Weather

Should there be warnings of bad weather, such as hail, severe thunderstorms, flash flood watch, sleet and ice, etc., be sure to check the Home page of our Web site to find out if class has been cancelled. If a class is cancelled, a makeup class will be scheduled.